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Healthy Starts Here

Photo by Tamara Herrick

Photo by Tamara Herrick

Integrative Medicine, Wellness & Anti-Aging

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Pain Relief with

Physical Therapy and Activator Chiropractic

60 is the new 30


Annual Physical Exams

Integrative Treatments

Lifestyle and Nutrition Recommendations
Anti-Aging Programs

Comprehensive Lab Testing

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement – BHRT

Sexual Wellness for Men & Women


We are your ReVive for Men and ReVive for Women provider for Northern Arizona.

Medical Aesthetics for the Face

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Achieve a natural, more youthful look, utilizing the best skin care technologies available.

Allergy Medicine

Progressively train your body to boost its immune system and overcome allergies.

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Photo by Tamara Herrick

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Integrative Medicine

Each of our practitioners has made the choice to practice in ways that are fulfilling to both patient and practitioner. This means we take the time with our patient care visits, rather than running a 'medical mill.' At the end of the day, we go home satisfied with the care we've given, knowing we've made a real difference improving our patients' lives.


“The day after Linda worked on my face, I went to my regular nail appointment.  Everyone kept commenting on how young and fresh I looked.  When I run into acquaintances I have not seen in a while, they tell me how good I look.  It makes me feel great.”

— Brandy Y, verified patient

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Tired of being in pain?
Wish you could move freely again?
Feeling out of alignment?
Balance starting to go and afraid of falling?

We can help you with these issues and many more.

Physical Therapy:

Eric Haggard, PT


Mary DeRose, DC

Linda Haggard, MPAS, PA-C, ABAAHP

Integrative Medicine

Photo by Tamara Herrick

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Eric Haggard, PT

Physical Therapy

Photo by Tamara Herrick


Mary DeRose, DC

Chiropractic Therapy

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Gary Goodman, MD

Allery & Immunology



450 S Willard St

Suite 101

Cottonwood, AZ 86326

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