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Integrative Medicine

What does "Integrative" mean?

“Integrative” means that you are treated as a whole person, much more than your diagnosis or condition, and have all of your health care needs attended to, either directly in our clinic or with a trusted referral.
“Integrative” means coordinated clinical services, so you don’t fall through a crack in the health care system.
“Integrative” means you have access to the best of conventional western medicine, as appropriate, and the best of holistic, natural and energetic approaches, also as appropriate.

Our model for healthcare is wellness based and multidimensional. Sedona Integrative Medical Clinic, LLC, is strongly grounded in clinical expertise. From there we integrate a wide range of healing modalities to help you get well and stay that way.

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We offer Integrative and Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy,  Craniosacral Therapy,  Integrative Pain Management, Women and Men's Health, Family Medicine, Prolotherapy, Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment, Aesthetics,  and Bio-Identical

Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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